Pesticide use in Chinese agriculture

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Take a look at the above interactive map (courtesy of the World Bank) which shows the percentage of land area in agriculture for different countries (2010-2014 data).  In 2012, 44.7% of the United States land area was agricultural. In China, 54.8% of the land was in agricultural use. Even small changes in how we farm are important because agriculture takes up such a massive …

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Support for intermediate landscape complexity hypothesis (Jonsson et al. 2015)

tscharntke et al 2012

Image: Representation of the ‘intermediate landscape-complexity hypothesis’ from Tscharntke et al. (2012).

With agricultural intensification pushing to provide more food, bioenergy, and other products for a growing human population, there is also a great need for concurrent intensification of ecological services like biological control of pest insects.

There have been many strategies tried over the years to increase ecosystem services on …

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Competition between native and exotic species

Lonicera maacki range

Image: Screenshot from USDA PLANTS database Lonicera maackii profile.


What factors cause exotic species to displace natives species?

Delving into this question, ecologists have suggested that both direct competition for resources and asymmetrical susceptibility to consumers may be important drivers of community change following an introduction.  Exotic and native species may interact indirectly, displaying competitive …

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